Feasibility Services and Business Plans

ITT EXIM is experienced in performing Feasibility Studies and developing detailed Business Plans. We go far beyond simply supplying technology or selling equipment and are able to assess the needs of our clients, taking into consideration their particular geographical, climatic, geological, socio-economic and political conditions. We define the scope of the project, provide financial models and projections, structure the financing package and recommend an implementation plan. It is increasingly important to understand both the technical and economic aspects of infrastructure and environmental projects, and preparation of a Business Plan is often the first step of our turnkey service.

Planning, Engineering Design and IT Services

These functions are performed both by ITT EXIM Engineering and Procurement Departments and in collaboration with associate firms with requisite specialized expertise, all under the guidance of ITT EXIM for overall coordination. ITT EXIM uses state-of-the art technologies from the US and around the world. We match the design and equipment to the client's needs and financial capacity, making sure that each project is economically and technically sound.

Project Management and Construction

ITT EXIM in-house Project Managers work in collaboration with local companies who are engaged as partners or subcontractors to build projects on time and within budget. The typical ITT EXIM team is a collaboration between local construction firms and the US engineering and design team to ensure that every ITT EXIM project combines the best of International breadth and expertise with local market knowledge and know-how.


We provide leveraged global procurement services for our projects. By custom-designing a procurement program for every project, we supply the right goods and services, on time, at the optimum total cost.

Some of the Procurement services of ITT EXIM include:

Start-up and Training

To ensure that projects function properly, ITT EXIM oversees training, start-up and commissioning. We provide training for the local staff on everything from operations and maintenance to management and marketing. We want to make sure that every project we do operates successfully for many years.