For top quality, brand name, American made products that are known throughout the world, you can depend on ITT  EXIM to be your one-stop source who can do it all

There are many product that we can provide

  • All kinds of consumer food products, packaged goods
  • Frozen meats
  • Wheat products
  • Farm animals
  • Soybean oils
  • Medicines and pharmaceuticals
  • Urea-fertilizer plants
  • Sulphur granulate and powder
  • Personal care, household and hygiene products
  • Beverages: sodas, juices, tea and coffee

About Us

ITT  EXIM is a professional, well recognized Global Export, Import Management company.

We manage export/import sales and marketing issues for many well-known North American Companies.


We are experts in selecting the most suitable and sustainable technologies to meet local conditions and satisfy local needs.


Address:Plainville,CT USA
Telephone: +1-860-983-5284
Skype: ericizdebski